PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

Service message: Final deadline 28 February 2013. On this date the website will be frozen and no further changes to accounts or reports will be possible. All itemised accounting and end of year request reporting must be complete by this date.

Finance message: All spending should now be complete.

PASCAL Programmes

Each programme has a coordinator who is responsible for managing the activity through internal calls, proposal assessment, and allocation of the budgeted resources. The Steering Committee meets every six months, where the overall budget proposals for the programmes will be presented for approval. The Steering Committee will monitor the performance and efficiency of the programmes, and wherever possible it's suggestions will be adopted.

Select the Active tab to see a list of programmes with active calls.

Request Procedure

On making a request to an active programme call, the request/action goes through the following procedure:

  1. Enter Request - Requests for funding are made via the web form and will be automatically acknowledged by email.
  2. Request waiting for decision by the Programme Manager - The request is forwarded to the relevant programme manager, who will arrange for appropriate refereeing of the proposal - for further details of the programme specific reviewing procedure see the procedures tab of the associated programme. At this point the programme manager will make one of the following decisions:
    • Request rejected
    • Request accepted
    • Request accepted subject to a revised budget
    If your request has been refused and you feel that there are grounds for suspecting that this decision has not been taken in a fair and objective manner, you should email the Project Administrator giving full details of the request and the grounds for the appeal against the decision.
  3. Request Accepted, waiting for financial approval - the action will be passed to the Project Coordinator for final approval.
  4. Request waiting for itemised billing and final report - As expenditure are made in connection with the action, your designated administrator should enter them before you submit a final report through the web site to the Programme Manager.
  5. Request waiting for final report approval - If your report is approved by the programme manager, the administration is notified.
  6. Request waiting for final financial approval - The administration then approves your expenses to be included on your institution’s Form C (or UCL’s Form C for non-Beneficiaries):
    • Within Budget - total approved expenditure may be included on Form C.
    • Overspend - please email the Programme Manager giving reasons why this has happened, they will see if there are adequate funds to reimburse the extra expenses from the Programme budget. If funds are not available, you will have to use your base funding allowance. Do notify your Site Manager if you experience any unforeseen problems, they may be able to assist you.

Appeals Procedure

In the event of an appeal the following procedure will be used:

  1. The Project Administrator will contact the Programme Manager with your response and evidence
  2. The Programme Manager emails the Project Administrator with agreement - go to procedure (3) or Programme Manager emails the Project Administrator giving reasons why they are standing by their original decision - follow procedure from (4).
  3. The Project Administrator emails the Applicant and requests them to resubmit/adjust their request and the matter is considered resolved.
  4. The Project Administrator forwards all responses to the coordinator.
  5. The Coordinator contacts the Programme Manager and Applicant for clarification on any points. If no agreement can be reached.
  6. The Coordinator will decide whether it is appropriate for the Steering Committee to attempt to arbitrate.
  7. If the Steering Committee is not due to meet within the deadline of the request, eg: conference date, this procedure could take place via a teleconference or emails. If no resolution is reached within the Steering Committee, the matter is referred to the Strategic Advisory Council.
  8. The Strategic Advisory Council will nominate a person - who could be anonymous - to give a final decision which all parties will adhere to. They will be given all of the relevant information and can request further clarifications from any of the parties as appropriate.